Our Team

First and foremost, you need a respected, knowledgeable and caring team. Autumn of Life Senior Housing & Advisory Services is all that.  Our team has years of senior housing knowledge, both as a former Executive Director in the senior housing industry and as a client looking for senior housing for her parents. We focus all of our time and expertise on one very small area of senior care, and we do it very well.  We ease the burden placed upon loving people placed with emotional challenges of finding the right senior care within their budget.  We seek out the right place.

Cherie Henry Autumn of Life Senior Housing
Catherine Camp Autumn of Life Senior Housing

We've combined our years of experience in the Portland Metro Area, and we've designed Autumn of Life Senior Housing Services and Advisory Services to be the company we wish we could have used or referred to our friends and family years ago when they needed help finding a new home for their aging loved ones.

Autumn of Life Advisory Services:

Additionally, we can refer you to trusted resources in elder law, counseling, long term care insurance, moving services, in-home care, and much more.