Autumn of Life Senior Housing & Advisory Services, LLC


Cherie Henry today announced the creation of a new customized senior placement agency, Autumn of Life Senior Housing and Advisory Services, LLC.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Autumn of Life Senior Housing & Advisory Services, LLC ( serves Seniors and their families who find themselves with a need to transition into a Senior Living Environment.  The company's mission is to assist families through an often emotionally difficult and confusing decision-making process. The business model is to provide a face to face approach and customize a housing tour to address the client’s needs and wants. The company works with many seniors who have lived full, active and enriched lives and aid them into fulfilling their vision for future daily care expectations.

Autumn of Life was born out of the love and respect of working with seniors.  Mrs. Henry was 16 when she first started providing aid to seniors, her career path took her to the role of an Executive Director in a large assisted living community and for the past seven years she has been very successful in the senior placement industry in the Portland Metro Area. Mrs. Henry has assembled a team of professional associates dedicated to improving the quality of life for our seniors.

“With more than 900 Adult Care Homes and 300 Retirement Communities in the Portland Metro Area, daily I receive stress filled calls from family members after they’ve gone out on their own or were given a list of indiscriminate names as suggested places for their loved one. They are overwhelmed. Often, by the time we’ve finished our first phone call their burden is lifted and my mind is swirling with places to show them that might be just what they’ve been looking for,” said Mrs. Henry, who will be serving as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the new company.

“When the wrong housing choice is made, it can lead to guilt, resentment and suffering for the entire family. Our ultimate goal is for our client to find the best accommodations from the start. It’s heartbreaking to hear a 92 year old say she feels like a gypsy moving from one place to another because no one (before contacting us) knew what would have been the best housing option for her level of care.” explained Mrs. Henry. Online searches open up a list of senior housing websites, Autumn of Life opens a relationship with their client and their family.

Autumn of Life Senior Housing & Advisory Services, LLC, serves Washington, Clackamas, Multnomah, Columbia counties and the Mid-Willamette Valley