Celebrating The Holidays - Part Two

Everyone loves the holidays, but it can be a challenge thinking of just the right gift for a loved one or family friend with dementia.  Here are a few tips put together by the Alzheimer’s Association.

A family member or friend with early stage dementia will certain appreciate any of these gifts:

  •  Tickets to a sporting event, concert or musical.
  •  A fruit basket, frozen meals or any meal that can be easily prepared/reheated and healthy.
  •  Photo albums and/or collage of family and friend’s photos.

Middle stage dementia is a little trickier.  Focus on gifts that are familiar and organized.

  •  A simple craft project that involves sorting and arranging or cutting.
  •  Books featuring celebrities, historical place and nature.  Photos are a big plus!

The late stage of dementia is complicated as their comprehension and understanding levels are poor.

  • Visits from well-behaved animals they have enjoyed.
  • Lap robes, shawls and warm footwear to keep warm as their circulation isn’t good.
  • Stuffed animals, dolls, or pillows to provide comfort.
  •  Hand and body lotion.

Finally, remember to enjoy the holidays for what they bring now.