Technology Assisting Caregivers

With more adults facing the challenging role of becoming caregivers to their loved ones, the day to day assistance can seem overwhelming.  Enter in Home Technology to help with this undertaking.  There are several programs available, and we do not support or recommend any one.  However, isn’t it nice to know that you can look after your loved one, even from afar, to be sure their health and lifestyle isn’t at risk while they live independently.

It’s as simple as a silent alarm being triggered, notifying the whole family of events that are out of the ordinary. There is activity monitoring which allows you to see your loved one’s daily activities at a quick glance or know if there is disruption to their normal routine such as trouble sleeping at night or a front door being left open accidentally.

All this wonderful new technology is here to make the time easier for you the caregiver and safer for the care receiver all the while helping your loved ones maintain their independence for as long as possible.